Sinasoid Unveils Norm Stockton Signature Cable

Sinasoid Norm Stockton Signature CableSinasoid has released a new signature cable with bassist Norm Stockton. The 12-foot boutique instrument cable’s profits will be used to help Stockton finish his latest project, Sushi & Grooves. (Check out our interview with Norm about the project.)

“This cable is built with 12 feet of Van Damme Classic XKE, far and away one of the most popular cable lines in our shop,” Sinasoid writes. “Combine that with aqua techflex, it’s got eye-catching looks as well as superb clarity and flexibility. Far and away the most flexible among our bestsellers, Classic XKE is also a low capacitance guitar cable, with a rating of 25 pF/ft, lending itself to clean, clear, articulate playing and a high level of dynamic response.”

The cable comes fitted with one Neutrik silent plug and one Neutrik NP2X-B plug. It’s handmade in Sinasoid’s Custom Shop and carries a 100-year warranty. The Sinasoid Norm Stockton Signature Cable is available now for $71.99.

Sinasoid Norm Stockton Signature Cable Features:

12' Van Damme Classic XKE Cable
25 pF/ft
Neutrik Silent Plug, Neutrik NP2X-B Plug
Aqua Techflex wrap

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