Spun Loud Effects Announces Blister & Peel Fuzz Drive V.2 Pedal

Spun Loud Effects Blister & Peel Fuzz Drive V.2 Pedal

Spun Loud Effects has updated its Blister & Peel dual fuzz pedal with a new version. The V.2 edition was switched to a PCB build for consistency while adding capacitors to improve and extend gain sweep. It also has a new enclosure, soft-click Gorva foot switches, and lower noise operation. Spun Loud also dropped the price to $165.

“This is a two-in-one dirt pedal that covers everything from a light boost to extreme fuzz,” the company explains. “The Blister side is based on the classic Electra distortion and will provide a significant volume boost even without turning up the gain. Crank the gain all the way and it slips from distortion into octave fuzz. The Peel side is a fuzz effect that has its roots in the Christian H. Bazz Fuss design and also includes a tone control that will cut or boost treble sounds in the mix. You can run them separately or together for more shaping of the Blister side or boosting of the Peel side.”

Spun Loud adds that the pedal is great for either bass or guitar. It is true bypass and runs on a standard 9-volt negative tip Boss style power supply. It’s available for order now.

Spun Loud Effects Blister & Peel Fuzz Drive V.2 Pedal Features:

Dual Fuzz Design
PCB Design
Blister, Volume, Peel, Volume, Fat Controls
Gorva Design S90 Enclosure
Gorva Foots Switches
Switchcraft or Neutrik Jacks
Extended Gain Sweep

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