Suzi Quatro Documentary Getting Worldwide Release

Suzi QA new documentary on pioneering bassist Suzi Quatro is coming to streaming services soon. Directed by Liam Firmager, Suzi Q details her life and career as one of the first female rock stars in the world.

Quatro was born in Detroit and joined her sister’s all-female garage rock band while she was a teenager. She moved to England in 1971 and found success with songs like “Can the Can” and “Devil Gate Drive”. The film is full of interviews with people like Debbie Harry, Alice Cooper, and Tina Weymouth, who sing her praises. Although she was known for her role as Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days, Quatro’s fame in the U.S. never hit the levels it did in Europe.

“Over the four-plus years making the film, the idea that Suzi’s status had been forgotten in the USA slowly dawned on us – because in the rest of the world, everyone knows that she is the first and one of the most important trailblazers in rock’n’roll!” producer Tait Brady states. “That then influenced the direction the film took – it became our mission to redress history. Getting the film out to American audiences ultimately became our major goal, so Liam and I are thrilled that Utopia are taking it out in the US.”

Suzi Q will be released today via Utopia Distributing for 24 hours with a special Q&A with Quatro. It will be on more on-demand platforms starting July 3rd.

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