Bass of the Week: Wahlbrink Basses “The Headless White” Custom Bass

Wahlbrink Hades 4-String Salmo Salar Bass

This week we’re checking out a custom one-off by Wahlbrink that they dubbed “The Headless White” for pretty obvious reasons. The bass utilizes an ETS headless tuning system and its swamp ash body is finished in white. Besides the contrast of the white finish and black hardware, its pau ferro fingerboard and pickup covers add a rich burst of color.

Other features include Häussel MM pickups, a Noll TCM3PM preamp, and LED markers in the fretboard.

Wahlbrink Hades 4-String Salmo Salar Bass Specs:

Body:Swamp Ash
Neck:Canadian Hard Maple
Fingerboard:Pau Ferro
Pickups:Häussel MM/Stacked MM
Electronics:Noll TCM3PM
Tuners:Schaller BM Light
Other:LED Fretboard Markers

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