Haken Returns with “Virus”

Haken: VirusHaken has released a new album called Virus, although it has nothing to do with the current pandemic. The new record’s creation began at the close of 2017, but its origin really reaches back seven years.

“Since releasing ‘The Mountain’ in 2013, one question has been asked of us time and time again, ‘who is the Cockroach King?’. This is something we were interested in exploring more deeply too, so we essentially did that through our music; elaborating and expanding upon the intervallic, harmonic, rhythmic and lyrical themes of that song. The end result is in an arc which spans across two albums: ‘Vector’ and ‘Virus’.”

Virus is anchored by bassist Conner Green, who tears it up on a six-string bass. It’s also produced by Adam “Nolly” Getgood, who contributes a bass solo to “Messiah Complex: Marigold”.

Check out the video for “Prosthetic”:

Virus is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Virus Track List:

  1. Prosthetic
  2. Invasion
  3. Carousel
  4. The Strain
  5. Canary Yellow
  6. Messiah Complex I: Ivory Tower
  7. Messiah Complex II: a Glutton for Punishment
  8. Messiah Complex III: Marigold
  9. Messiah Complex IV: The Sect
  10. Messiah Complex V: Ectobius Rex
  11. Only Stars

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  1. Alex Polland

    Man, this was a good album. Not my favorite from Haken, but it had some really fun moments. I especially liked the song Carousel.