Carlitos Del Puerto: “Tata Cimarron” Playalong

Get ready to move. Alfonso Alcalá sent this video in to us and it blew me away on a few different levels.

In this clip, Carlitos Del Puerto plays along with the bass line to Irakere’s “Tata Cimarron.” The playing itself is incredible, but there’s another connection: Irakere’s bass player is his father, Carlos Del Puerto, a pioneer of Cuban bass playing.

“I never Played one the tunes he Played on soooo I wanted to play this on and man is this one special,” Carlitos explains. “I wanted to play this tune because here is a great example of how Dad revolutionized Cuban bass playing. Before Dad was the GREAT CACHAO and others, but they were more of the traditional school. Dad started the whole movement for the new way of Playing the bass in Cuban Music, Timba, Latin Jazz, etc.”

Del Puerto says the playing is 95% his father’s playing and 5% his own, but we can say without a doubt it’s 100% amazing.

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