Rebecca Johnson and Con Settineri: Bass/Drums Home Studio Jam

Rebecca Johnson is trying out a new bass (a Dean Edge Select 5), and so she decided to document it.

“People have been asking how the new bass sounds… I’m loving it…” Rebecca shared. “I still haven’t had the action lowered so I’m struggling a bit with that but this is just Con & I in our studio having a very rough jam (Con in the drum booth & no camera on him, unfortunately).”

I’m guessing any bass in Rebecca’s hands is going to sound amazing.

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  1. Vinny Sansone

    Rebecca is a great player. A very exciting player. But right you are Corey. It’s all in the hands. A $500.00 bass in the hands of someone like Nathan East for example will sound like a $5000.00 bass. And the same applies to amps. One isn’t going to make you sound any better than the next. All my humble opinion. I believe it though.

  2. MARK B