Jimmy Johnson Anchors Michael Landau’s “Liquid Quartet Live”

Michael Landau: Liquid Quartet LiveMichael Landau and his Liquid Quartet have just released a live album that captures the band during a performance at L.A.’s Baked Potato Jazz Club last year. The Grammy-winning guitarist is joined in the band by drummer Abe Laboriel Jr, guitarist/vocalist David Frazee, and bassist Jimmy Johnson. Packed into the small club, you can feel the electricity between the bandmates as well as the audience.

“The rawness and the unknown factor of a live recording is fun, the trust and the sometimes reckless abandonment of playing live,” Landau says. “I play differently when I play live, more aggressive at times. It’s a cleansing moment to just let it rip and not worry about it.”

Of course, he can feel free to let it rip with Johnson holding down the low end. The bassist has been playing with Landau since his first solo album in 1990. Check out the band’s dynamic (and Johnson’s outstanding playing) on “Can’t Buy My Way Home”:

Liquid Quartet Live is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Liquid Quartet Live Track List:

  1. Can’t Buy My Way Home
  2. Well Let’s Just See
  3. Greedy Life
  4. Killing Time
  5. Bad Friend
  6. Can’t Walk Away From It Now
  7. Renegade Destruction
  8. One Tear Away
  9. Tunnel 88
  10. Dust Bowl

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