Faces: Stay with Me

The Faces “Stay with Me” is one of my all-time favorites, thanks in large part to Ronnie Lane’s all-time great bass line.

Here’s a clip of the band performing the tune on the BBC program “Sounds For Saturday” on October 26, 1971, during their concert at the Paris Theatre in London.


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  1. David Harvey

    Ronnie Lane, IMO, was a very talented musician who could not only play bass guitar, but also Dobro, guitar, stand-up bass (you can hear him playing it on his song “Debris”) and he could also sing and write songs.
    I do wish that he stayed with The Faces until they disbanded in 1975 and even Ian McLagan wrote in his book that Ronnie L. himself later regretted quitting the band.
    It was just terrible that as Ronnie’s battle with multiple sclerosis confined him to a wheelchair, he was eventually no longer able to play guitar, let alone bass. I just don’t get why he quit playing bass with Slim Chance, but he played it again with the collaborative project that he undertook with Pete Townshend and on Paul McCartney’s Rockestra project, where he got to play bass alongside Sir Paul himself.
    Sadly, Ronnie died in 1997 from pneumonia while in the final stages of MS, but at least, he had the financial support from Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood and even Jimmy Page.