Gear Review: Maurizio Über Basses Miezo

Maurizio Über Basses Miezo

Maurizio Caduto of Maurizio Über Basses (MüB) is a world-class luthier who is building some spectacular custom instruments in his shop in Malaysia. Caduto, who is originally from Italy, is known for his original and beautiful designs. Make no mistake, his instruments are not just eye candy, they play and sound just as good as they look.

The bass that this review focuses on is the Miezo model – specifically, the Jauqo III-X Signature Miezo six-string model. According to MüB, Miezo means “half” in Maurizio Caduto’s Southern Italian dialect. As a result, the Miezo is built for portability, good sound, and playability. It can fit in a backpack, although it comes with its own well-crafted protective canvas gig bag.

The Maurizio Über Basses Miezo is basically a single cut custom bass whose fingerboard starts at the 12th fret of the standard bass. It is available in 4, 5, 6, or Extended Range. The craftsmanship of the Miezo is on par with world-class high-end custom basses. The lower cutaway helps to offer full access to the fingerboard’s upper frets.

Although the Miezo is a compact instrument, the luthier did not take any short-cuts in its construction. The workmanship is fantastic with smooth wood joists and quality components. The selected woods also point to MüB’s pursuit of high quality. And the neck-through “neck heel/body” shape is very ergonomic.

The setup adjustment Allen Wrenches (Hex Keys) are located in their own tidy compartment in the control cavity. The control cavity cover is held in place by magnets, which means that access to the control cavity does not require any tools. These features indicate that Maurizio Caduto pays attention to details.

Maurizio Über Basses also offers the Miezo with a built in headphone amp as an option. Standard tuning can be used on the Miezo. However, some owners have experimented with altered tunings with great success. Standard bass strings can be used on the Miezo. However, the open strings will be an octave above a standard 34″ scale bass, and the tension will be a little tighter. Detuning as much as a full step lower will still offer a reasonable amount of string tension on standard bass strings.

The MüB Miezo is great for playing chords, soloing, or simply playing bass lines. An octave pedal can be a great added tool to get the Miezo to reach the lows that 34″ basses are known for. Best of all, the Miezo’s compact size means worry-free airport experiences.

Maurizio Über Basses Miezo Bass Specs:

Make:Maurizio Über Basses
Model:Miezo - Jauqo III-X Signature (neck through single cut)
Number of Strings:Available in 4, 5, 6, or Extended Range (bass reviewed: 6-string)
Scale Length:16″
Number of Frets:16
Bridge:ETS Headless System
String Locking At Headstock:Maurizio Über Basses
Color of Hardware:Chrome (other colors available)
Frets:Narrow Frets (improves intonation in higher register of the fingerboard)
Body:Walnut with Quilted Maple top - Gloss Finish
Fingerboard:Gabon Ebony (rounded for comfort & full sounding slap tone)
Side Dots:Mother of Pearl
Pickups:Bartolini Pickups
Preamp:Bartolini 3-Band 9 volt Preamp
Preamp Control Layout:Active/Passive Push/Pull Volume, Pickup Blend, Bass, Mid, Treble, Mid-Frequency Switch
Control Cavity:Shielded

For more information and prices contact visit the company’s website.

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    Does it have strap buttons? How about an approximate street price (always lacking in your reviews)?