Joel Quarrington: J.S. Bach Preludio from Violin Partita no3 BWV 1006

Master bassist Joel Quarrington has been spending his extra time this year to nail down a piece he’s been studying for a long time. Luckily, he had the finished product recorded.

“I used my time in the lockdown to finally really try to learn this Bach Preludio which I have actually worked on for years,” he shares. “Huge thanks to the Parish of St-Stephen’s in Chelsea, Quebec and Travis and Carole.”

The piece was actually written for violin and requires some serious agility on the bass.

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  1. Joel Quarrington: J.S. Bach Sixth Suite BWV 1012… this video should be included in any serious bass players top five “must listen to” catalog. “Beautiful, masterful, emotional” are the least-apt words that I’m able to communicate about this performance… I’ll add truly amazing to close.

  2. jeff henning


  3. David Ryle

    Hardcore, truly.

  4. Tom bissinger

    Thanks for the goosebumps. And I thought Hillary Hahn was cool.

  5. So sick man! I’ve been trying to learn this on electric since I saw Bela Fleck do it, and I still can’t get it up to speed. Sounds amazing!