Snark Tuners Introduces Silver Snark Clip-On Tuner

Snark Silver Snark Clip-On TunerSnark has unveiled the Silver Snark, which marks the latest in their line of LCD clip-on tuners. The new model has three new improvements including an extended battery life, hard vulcanized rubber collar joints, and new tuning software that the company says can suit all instruments.

“Featuring newly designed ‘Hyper-Snark’ tuning software technology, Silver Snark delivers spot-on pin-point, precision accuracy at super-fast, lightning speed, with a stable, sensitive range that responds way down to the lower regions of baritone or multi-strung bass guitars, where low notes and overtones can often confuse less responsive tuners,” they write.

The Silver Snark runs on a CR2032 battery and has an adjustable reference pitch from 415Hz to 466Hz.

The Silver Snark is available now of $19.99.

Snark Silver Snark Clip-On Tuner Features:

Clip-on Tuner for Guitar or Bass
Hyper-Snark Software
Improved Battery Life
Vulcanized Rubber Collars for Durability

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