SolidGoldFX Introduces NU-33 Vinyl Engine Pedal

SolidGoldFX NU-33 Vinyl Engine PedalSolidGoldFX has unveiled the NU-33 Vinyl Engine, a new pedal that replicates the lo-fi sound of vintage records.

“The NU-33 serves up chorus and vibrato mixed with tastefully engineered hiss, crackle and pops to give your riffs just the right touch of vintage flair,” the company writes. “The controls allow you to choose how much or how little flutter to add to your tone, color it with 2 additional filter modes, shape it with 3 different waveforms and dial in the mix with an analog blend; you can easily make this pedal sound as pretty and lush or as dark and sombre as you please.”

The pedal also has a manual mode that allows for creating a doubler ranging from 15ms to 50ms. Other features include an internally assignable expression pedal/CV input, multi-function foot switches for tap tempo and speed ramping, and a hold-to-skip function with three speed presets.

The SolidGoldFX NU-33 is available now for $250.

SolidGoldFX NU-33 Vinyl Engine Pedal Features:

Speed, Flutter, Ramp, Hiss, Blend, Level Knobs
Wave, Skip, Color, Crackle Switches
Bypass/Hold-To-Skip Foot Switch
Tap Tempo/Hold-To-Ramp Foot Switch
9V Center-Negative Power Adapter (not included)
Expression Pedal/CV Jack
Internal Dipswitches to control Expression/CV Controls

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