Bass of the Week: Marleaux Basses MBass Big Hollow 5-String Fretless

Marleaux Basses MBass Big Hollow 5-String Fretless Bass

Master luthier Gerald Marleaux is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Marleaux Basses this year. Although his lineup of models is enough to please any bassist, the builder continues to experiment and dream up new instruments. This week we’re checking out the MBass Big Hollow 5-String Fretless, which literally expands on his MBass singlecut body shape.

The Big Hollow’s oversized body is crafted a double body core made from alder with chestnut for the top and bottom. Marleaux’s incredible contour work is shown all over the bass, including the transition to its three-piece maple neck, which is fitted with a fretless ebony fingerboard. Electronics include a Delano SBC5 pickup with volume and tone controls that are set flush into the back of the bass. Other features include E-C tuning, two finger ramps, and a 33-inch scale.

Congratulations to Gerald on 30 years, and here’s to 30 more!

Marleaux Basses MBass Big Hollow 5-String Fretless Bass Specs:

Construction:Set Neck
Neck:3-Piece Maple
Pickup:Delano SBC5
Other:E-C Tuning, Double Ramps

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