Ernie Ball Music Man Unveils Cliff Williams Icon Series StingRay Bass

Cliff Williams Icon Series StingRay Bass

AC/DC is back with a new album, complete with the classic lineup anchored by bassist Cliff Williams. Now, Ernie Ball Music Man is helping Williams celebrate with a limited-edition bass bearing his name.

The Cliff Williams Icon Series StingRay Bass is a handcrafted replica of his “#1 Workhorse” bass, a 1979 StingRay he’s been using for 41 years.

“Built to the exacting specifications of his original, every detail and characteristic was carefully examined and addressed,” the company writes. “Body contours, neck carve, pickup construction, and decades of wear and tear were dutifully replicated by Music Man’s team of master craftsmen. The resulting outcome is a finely crafted period-correct instrument that looks, feels, and sounds just like Cliff’s #1 Stingray bass.”

Those details include a three-piece Trans poplar body in a “Back in Burst” finish, a select maple neck, and a maple fingerboard that’s aged to a light yellow finish. The bridge replicates the pre-Ernie Ball Geometry Music Man chrome-plated bridge, while the custom humbucker features eight elongated Alnico magnets.

“New old stock, period-correct Music Man components were found in our stash and used including the truss rods, truss rod bullet nuts, and truss rod bushings,” adds project lead engineer Blair Ridings. “The original Music Man logo stamp was dug up by our long-time vendor and used on the 3-bolt neck plates. Old, original engineering hand drawings from the early ’80s were used to create some of the out-of-date steel, nickel-plated parts. The project soon became an homage to the history of Music Man as a company as much as an homage to Cliff Williams and his tenure using our machines.”

Hear Williams talk about his bass and the new model:

At the time of this article, there are only 26 of the basses available worldwide. They’re available for order now for $7,000.

Ernie Ball Music Man Cliff Williams Icon Series StingRay Bass Specs:

Body:3-Piece Trans Poplar
Body Finish:Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Body Color:Back in Burst
Neck:Select Maple
Fret Markers:5/16″ Dot Inlay
Pickup:Custom Humbucking with 8 Elongated Alnico Magnets
Controls:Custom 2-Band Preamp
Tuners:Schaller BM with Tapered String Posts
Bridge:Pre-EB Geometry Music Man® chrome plated, steel bridge plate with vintage stainless steel saddles

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  1. Dezz

    Nice bass but $7,000.00 seems way overpriced. At least to me.

  2. Rick Graham

    The price point puts this bass out of reach of the majority of the bass players that Cliff has inspired. Fender was able to release a great version of Geddy Lee’s Jazz Bass, what can’t Ernie Ball do the same? I don’t need the relic work, just give me a tribute to one of most underrated players in rock