Ernie Ball Music Man Launches “Custom Design Experience” Instrument Configurator

Ernie Ball Music Man "Custom Design Experience" Instrument Configurator

Ernie Ball Music Man has launched the Custom Design Experience, an online instrument configurator that lets you spec out your own StingRay Special bass. The extensive list of options includes orientation, 4-string or 5-string, single or double pickups, neck profiles, tuning setups, and more.

EBMM offers 30 unique finishes, three hardware finishes, and five pickguard options for choosing how your bass will look. They have 12 options for fretted necks as well as two options for fretless necks.

The Custom Design Experience was unveiled at NAMM and has now launched on their website. Get the scoop from Ernie Ball’s A.J. Braman:

The Custom Design Experience is open now with custom basses starting at $2,899.

Ernie Ball Music Man “Custom Design Experience” StingRay Special Options:

Right or Left hand
4-string or 5-string
Single H or double HH pickups
30 unique finishes
3 hardware finishes
5 pickguard options
12 fretted neck options
2 fretless neck options
Regular or SLO Special neck profiles
4 tuning setups
3 string gauges
2 cases

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  1. JD Ryan

    Now I can finally get that 5HH fretless.
    It’s cool, I messed around with it a lot, but the colors on the 3d renderings do not match up too accurately with the color swatches on the bottom. I actually had to contact MM to see if they could send me an actual photo of a swatch. When they did, it was closer to the swatch on the site, but more orange (which is what I was hoping) but nothing at all like the 3d rendering, so just be mindful of that.

  2. Jimbrowski

    I thought for a minute the two humbucker one would be a new Sabre ?, but then noticed the neck pickup is *just* too close to the neck to prevent me putting my fingers there to pop. Maybe custom means they’ll move it back for me? … Please?

    • JDR

      Nope. It will go where the HH always goes. And you can pop just fine with it, I do on mine all the time.

  3. Christopher

    Why not just open a Custom Shop? I miss the old Sterling H/S model.

  4. Andre Bledsoe

    Wow. This is what I‘be been waiting for. The options are crazy, it’s a dream come true. I love the jackpot bass, that’s were I would start my customization.
    Kudos to Ernie ball music man.

  5. Ruben DeLaRosa

    I really wish they would bring back the HS pickup config back, not just HH. Maybe later.

  6. Steve Carriere

    Is it really a “custom design” though? I mean, this is just an online order form where you can choose from “standard” options and see how your particular configuration looks, right? It’s nothing that a dealer couldn’t order as stock for a store? Maybe I missed something.

  7. Dust

    I was hoping there would be more options other than just picking colors. Maybe they should open a custom shop.

  8. Jef Sacco

    Great to see the availability in LEFT HANDED options. Too bad these weren’t offered when I bought any of the THREE (3) Musicman that I already own. I’m a die hard Musicman user, it just sucks to be left handed.