Groove – Episode #72: Scott Devine

Scott Devine

My viewing habits are fairly basic. I subscribe to many different YouTube channels, then – every night – I sort my subscriptions from newest videos posted to oldest. That’s how I watch TV these days.

One of my favorite channels is Scott’s Bass Lessons. I love the way Scott Devine plays the bass, teaches the bass, and his mini-documentaries and interviews. He’s inspiring.

It turns out that I am not alone.

But that’s just one small part of what makes Scott unique. He’s best known for his online bass school. SBL (for short) isn’t just the biggest online school for bassists, it’s the biggest online school for any instrument (put aside institutions that teach multiple instruments). Scott prefers to call it the “Netflix for bass players.” And in the last decade, he’s built the company into an operation with nearly 25,000 students.

What moved him from gigging to teaching? How does he keep his students so engaged? What’s with that glove that he wears? Where does his passion for the electric bass come from? Scott is a real triple-threat when it comes to the bass (he can play, teach, and market his business). I’ve been a fan since I first started watching his videos, and his journey is a fascinating one that has led to millions of views and hundreds of thousands of fans and followers.

Enjoy the conversation…

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