Clutch Releases “Weathermaker Vault Series Vol I”

Clutch: Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. IGroove rockers Clutch have released the first in album in their new Weathermaker Vault Series, which is a collection of cover songs and re-recordings. The project began in 2019 as a series of digital releases that came out every six weeks.

“This Clutch release is unique in that we chose to record some of our favorite songs by artists that have provided us with inspiration over the years as well as re-record some Clutch Classics,” drummer Jean-Paul Gaster explains. “Hitting the studio this way was great to keep our recording chops up as well as celebrate some music that has meant so much to us as fans and musicians.”

The band, anchored by bass heavyweight Dan Maines, recorded nine songs in the digital series and added a tenth (“Algo Ha Cambiado”) to even it out. Hear Maines carry the groove on their new version of “Spacegrass”:

Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I Is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I

  1. Passive Restraints
  2. Electric Worry
  3. Run, John Barleycorn, Run
  4. Evil
  5. Fortunate Son
  6. Algo Ha Cambiado
  7. Spacegrass
  8. Precious And Grace
  9. Smoke Banshee
  10. Willie Nelson

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