Tony Senatore: The Adventures Of Bassyk

Tony Senatore has shared his latest song with us, called “The Adventures of Bassyk”. It’s the third song from the bassist with collaborators Andy Rothstein and Alan Lo Presti, who are this time joined by violinist Joe Deninzon and drummer Cottone.

Starting with a dreamy soundscape to present the melody, the band kicks into high gear for the solo sections. “Joe starts off with his trademark electric violin and seemingly limitless technique,” Senatore notes. “Andy follows with what I think is one of the best solos that he has ever done, with an unquestionable hat tip to Eric Johnson and Brian May. Alan’s solo closes out the solo section. Tony Mac Alpine, Vinnie Moore, and Paul Gilbert all come to mind when I listen to what Alan did here. In summary, three outstanding soloists with completely different styles.”

The bassist also shared a bit about the peculiar bass he’s using on the track. The Oasis bass guitar was built by Gary Cooper and Louis Armstrong in the ’70s. “It is exceptionally rare, and possibly my favorite bass guitar in my collection of over 40,” he adds.

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  1. John Bradford

    This is the best thing I’ve heard in awhile

  2. MARK B