Bass of the Week: Ray Ramirez Tony Senatore Bass

Ray Ramirez Tony Senatore Bass

Ray Ramirez is renowned for his take on the Baby Bass, but this week, we’re checking out an incredible custom build he made for Tony Senatore. Senatore has many instruments but often chooses the P bass for his work. He wanted to take a different approach with a bass from Ramirez. The resulting bass is a custom design fitted with a Stonewall Alternate Dimension humbucker in the neck position and a Bartolini Quad Coil in the bridge position.

“I wanted to get away from that middle pickup-only sound, which I love, and try something different that I could still use,” Senatore told us. “A good alternative to a P bass is the neck pickup only sound, made famous by Gibson, but using the Stonewall wide range pickup is reminiscent of the Fender Telecaster bass. I also use two pickups, both fully on in many of my basses, and the combination of the Stonewall and Bart quad coil has potential.”

The body is a custom shape of Senatore’s own design that Ramirez built. The through-neck bass was crafted with a hard rock maple neck, Marupá body wings, and an ebony fingerboard. Another notable feature is the Ray Ross saddle-less bridge.

Ray Ramirez Tony Senatore Bass Specs:

Neck:Hard Rock Maple Thru neck
Wings:Marupá hardwood
Pickups:Stonewall Alternate Dimension wide range bass humbucker (neck), Bartolini Quad Coil (MM42CBJD3) (bridge)
Controls:Volume with push/pull switch (series/parallel), Tone
Bridge:(Ray Ross saddle-less bass bridge

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