Tony Senatore and Alan Lo Presti: I Want You To Want Me

Tony Senatore sent us his latest video with guitarist Alan Lo Presti, and this one rocks.

Tony pulls out all the stops in this one, including playing a 12-string bass while handling the vocals on Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me.”

“It is safe to say that I am known as someone who believes in the sonic capabilities of the 12-string electric bass,” Tony shared. “It is not widely known, but I can sing lead as well as play bass, and I wanted to show that in this video. There are many versions of Cheap Trick performing I Want You To Want Me on the internet; however, Alan and I patterned our version after the one we feel is the definitive version from Live At Budokan. Most people don’t realize that the sound of Petersson’s 12-string bass predominates on the entire album. I never would have known myself until I purchased the record in 1978, which had extensive photos of Petersson playing his 12’ver. I voiced my bass part an octave lower than Petersson and detuned my low E to D as I always do. I feel this makes the track sound huge.”

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