Groove – Episode #73: Trevor Dunn

Trevor Dunn

I’m a sucker for weird music. The weirder, the better. This works for me whether the genre is heavy or jazzy.

Trevor Dunn fits the mold for this personal fascination to perfection. Most may know him as a founding member of Mr. Bungle (the band that featured singer Mike Patton of Faith No More). And, while he rose to prominence during the 90s, his passion for experimental music and the evolution of bass playing has never let up. He has worked with saxophonist/composer, John Zorn, Secret Chiefs 3, and his own avant-garde jazz-rock alternative ensemble, Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant. With that, he also played with Patton in Tomahawk. Other bass work includes Sean Lennon, Brian “Head” Welch (from Korn), and many more.

Most recently, Mr. Bungle released The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo in October (along with a streaming live event last Halloween). The album is a re-recording of their earliest material (that fans were begging for). Trevor described re-recording their earliest material with the addition of former Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo, and founding Anthrax member/guitarist, Scott Ian, like “we were finally utilizing our PhDs in Thrash Metal. All we had to do was go back to our original professors for some additional guidance and talk them into joining us. Turns out we were A+ students… We were haunted for 35 years by the fact that this music wasn’t given its due respect. Now we can die.”

But, Trevor is not dead, and he’s not even close to being done with music and playing the bass.

Enjoy the conversation…

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