Phil Jones Bass Announces the PE-5 Bass Preamp

Phil Jones PE-5 Bass Preamp

Phil Jones Bass has unveiled a new tool for bassists called the PE-5. The pedal-sized preamp features a five-band EQ with DI capabilities as well as a boost function. Of course, Jones puts in plenty of details to make the unit stand apart.

“The PE-5 is engineered with a unique switchable input impedance which allows the pedal to match exactly to either a magnetic or piezo pickup,” the company writes. “It achieves the full band spectrum for either pickup source. In addition, it is a signal booster that compensates for low output pickups and will also provide ample drive for any amplifier. The input level and gain controls are designed to precisely match the pickup output to an amplifier. The line output is strong enough to use directly into a power amplifier or a powered speaker.”

Jones says the 5-band EQ is tailored to the voice of a bass to quickly get the sound you’re looking for. It has two footswitches with one for muting and one for true bypass. Its chassis is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, and the PE-5 is powered by a standard 9-volt DC adaptor or by its own internal lithium-ion battery that’s charged via USB.

The Phil Jones PE-5 preamp will be available in the first quarter of 2021 with an MSRP of $299.99.

Phil Jones PE-5 Bass Preamp Features:

Impedance: Piezo=4.7M Ω, Magnetic =2M Ω
5-Band EQ
Overload Indicator
Balanced Line XLR Output
Ground/Lift Switch
Pre/Post Switche
Mute Switch with Indicator
Bypass Switch
Level and Gain Knobs
Power: 9V DC Adapter or Rechargeable Internal Lithium-Ion Battery

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