Phil Jones Announces the Bass Engine BE-17 Bass Combo

Phil Jones Bass Engine BE-17 Bass Combo with stand up

Phil Jones Bass has announced a new bass combo amp dubbed the Bass Engine, aka the BE-17. Fitted with a custom proprietary 7-inch speaker, the new model features a linear analog preamp matched to a class D amplifier that dishes out 70 watts.

“This amazing woofer is complimented by our high energy 3-inch, high-frequency transducer. We have used this speaker in tens of thousands of our PA speakers, and it is proven to be extremely reliable,” the company writes. “The response of this speaker system is of the highest fidelity from 31Hz to 22KHz, which means it does not only sound great with bass but also with many other instruments, making it a very versatile amplifier.”

The Bass Engine’s control set includes a three-way switch for active, passive, or mute before its input level knob and a three-band EQ. It has a stereo line in section and a 1/4-inch line out. Its flexible for playing back from external sources with a 1/8-inch aux-in and Bluetooth compatibility. The aux and Bluetooth section has its own level control.

The Phil Jones Bass Engine BE-17 will be shipping in January with a TBD price point.

Phil Jones Bass Engine BE-17 Bass Combo Photos:

Phil Jones Bass Engine BE-17 Bass Combo Features:

Power Output:70 Watt (RMS)
Speaker:1 x 7″ Proprietary PJB woofer + 3″ Tweeter
EQ:3-Band EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass)
Input:AUX-Input Jack & Bluetooth
Output:Line-Out, Headphone-Out
Other:Power Switch
Power:100/240V AC
Dimension (W x D x H):11.4 x 11.4 x9.8 inches
Weight:14.8 lbs

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  1. mykal williams

    I would love to find a low profile base app for my apartment

  2. Kelvin Deshawn Stephens

    I love the instruments and all the bells and whistles

  3. jan leewering

    Guess you’re the famous Phil Jones responsible for some fantastic high-end speakers (acoustic energy & platinum – I used to be importer for these brands in the Netherlands many years ago ) – couldn’t your bass engine BE-17 be used in home-applications? Look forward to hear from you. B. regards,Jan

  4. Ross Anthony Osborn

    I’m seriously wondering what the price here in Australia will be,Phil Jones gear is absolutely legendary,I wonder who the agent is in NSW for them,I’m very interested in trying one out,I have a Mark Bass for gigs,it’s too heavy for anything else but paying gigs,but I need something light and portable for practice’s