Tech 21 Reissues the SansAmp Classic Pedal

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic PedalTech 21 is returning to its roots with a reissue of the SansAmp Classic. Originally released over 30 years ago, the handy pedal has been used for everything from death metal to commercial jingles.

“Put on a manufacturing hiatus in 2016, the SansAmp Classic is being reissued for 2021 due to a surge in popular demand,” the company explains. “Virtually unchanged and still made in the USA, the all-analog SansAmp Classic pedal design is B. Andrew Barta’s unique invention that was the catalyst for the whole “going direct” movement way back in 1989.”

The SansAmp Classic has a bank of eight character switches for quickly adjusting its voicing. A three-position input switch toggles between preamp styles, while four knobs control pre-amp contours, power amp contours, volume, and final tone.

It is projected to ship in April with a street price of $299.

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic Pedal Features:

Three-position Input - Lead, Normal, Bass
Eight Character Switches (Mid-Boost 1, Mid-Boost 2, Low Drive, Clean Amp, Bright Switch, Vintage Tubes, Speaker Edge, Close Miking)
Presence Drive
Amplifier Drive
High (Tone)

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