Source Audio To Release Limited Edition Ultrawave Multiband Processor Beta Units

Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Processor PedalSource Audio is gearing up for the big launch of their Ultrawave Multiband Processor, and to warm things up, they’ll be releasing a limited edition beta unit. Limited to just fifty units, the pedals will be individually numbered with limited edition graphics and a powder coat finish. They’ll also be assembled in their Woburn, Massachusetts headquarters.

“Our goal in releasing these pedals is to gather feedback on the Ultrawave’s unique feature set, the user experience of Neuro Desktop Editor (the Ultrawave’s free editing software), and start building an expansive library of great user presets. Each pedal comes with our personal contact information – we want to hear directly from the owner of each pedal and find out what we can do to make the Ultrawave the best that it can be. Because Source Audio works in the digital realm, we always have the option of making changes to pedal firmware and Neuro Editing software.”

The Ultrawave is a wide-ranging pedal that splits the frequency spectrum of guitar, bass, or synthesizer into multiple, discrete frequency bands. Each of those bands then has its own adjustable parameters that can be processed in multiple ways.

“Our mission now is to update the Multiwave Distortion for the One Series format,” Source Audio writes. “Under the hood, we are making notable changes. The new Ultrawave Multiband Processor will feature individual control of each band’s level and drive amount. In addition, the user will be able to select from a towering list of different band configurations. We’re also adding an advanced tremolo system with individual control of each band’s tremolo depth, rate, start time, and LFO shape. Finally that Ultrawave has its own compressor, which can be placed before or after the drive circuits.”

The Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Processor beta units will be available from on February 10th at 11am EST. You can find more about the pedal and hear it in action on the Source Audio website.

Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Processor Pedal Features:

Limited to 50 Units
Individually Numbered
Built in Massachusetts
Multiband Distortion
LFO Wave Shaping
Ring Modulation
Neuro Desktop Editor

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