Bass of the Week: Ortiz Murcio Guitars & Basses Bubblegum 6

Ortiz Murcio Bubblegum Bass 6

This week we’re checking out the Bubblegum 6 made by Ortiz Murcio Guitars & Basses in Mexico City. The multi-scale six-string is at once raw and refined in its design, which the builder created to get the most bang for your buck.

“Bubblegum was born from the need for a bass guitar at a better price but with exceptional comfort and design,” Murcio tells us. “The body is made of ash and maple on the neck for better sustain and attack, bright harmonics and deep bass, with a length of 36 “to 32”, Seymour Duncan AJB-6 pickups that will guarantee power and great tone, the hardware is Korean to be able to offer a better price, but still tested for a good operation, however always is possible get Hipshot to make it pro if the customer requires it.”

Ortiz Murcio Guitars & Basses Bubblegum 6 Bass Specs:

Scale:36″ to 32″
Fret Markers:Black Dot
Pickups:Seymour Duncan AJB-6
Hardware:Made in Korea, Hipshot Optional

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  1. William Burdis

    I have checked out some Korean and Chinese hardware in the past and was very surprised at how they kept their tuning. Put it this way it was the same as my ibbys and fenders in stability.
    Its a great bass, snd you’ve made something very worthwhile. String spacing looks wiiiide. Something I think needs to be done more. I would DEFINITELY play this, all day.

  2. Josè Montoya

    Expensive, for a korean-made bass guitar.