Carl Martin Announces the Octaswitch “The Strip” Switcher

Carl Martin Octaswitch “The Strip” Switcher

Carl Martin has unveiled the next evolution of their Octaswitch with “The Strip,” which they call the smallest and most advanced version yet. The effects loop pedal brings the same features as its predecessors while adding versatility.

“There are 8 fx loops that can be programmed into 8 banks,” the company writes. “The loops are all true-bypass, impedance free gold relays so you can run all your pedals (old and new) without issue. The main input can be true bypass, or it can be switched to buffered for large stages or long cable runs. There are 8 blue LEDs that indicate which of the 8 loops is being used, and 8 green LEDs that indicate which Bank is being used.”

Get the full rundown from Mike Vance:

The Carl Martin Octaswitch “The Strip” is available now for $499.

Carl Martin Octaswitch “The Strip” Switcher Features:

8 True Bypass Effects Loops
Impedance Free Gold Relays
True Bypass or Buffered Main Input
LEDs Indicate Bank Being Used

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