Carl Martin Unveils ProPower Version 2

Carl Martin ProPower Version 2 Feature

Carl Martin has updated their ProPower for better performance and power stability while keeping all the same features. The ProPower Version 2 power supply offers eight individual isolated and regulated nine-volt to twelve-volt outputs with extended power on outputs seven and eight.

It’s power chain begins with a switchable AC input that toggles between 110 and 230 volts. A simple DIP switch on the back of the unit allows for switching the voltage of each output between 9 volts at 100mA and twelve volts at 90mA. The last two outputs reach up to 300mA at nine volts and 200mA at twelve volts. Version 2 also comes with a larger selection of cables including current doubler and voltage doubler cables.

The Carl Martin ProPower Version 2 is expected to be available soon with a street price around $175.

Carl Martin ProPower Version 2 Details:

8 Isolated Individual Power Outputs
Switchable 110-230V AC Input
DIP Switches for Adjusting Voltage between 9V and 12V
Extended Power at Output 7 and 8

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