Carl Martin Introduces New Envelope Filter, “The Ottawa” Pedal

Carl Martin Ottawa PedalCarl Martin has announced a new optical envelope filter called the Ottawa, which they say mimics the sound of a wah pedal without needing to actually step on a wah.

“Really a great pedal for soloing and for rhythm work, whether you are into ‘those’ psychedelic 60’s, or the disco era of the later 70’s, or any other music that requires this unique sound,” the company writes.

The pedal has Tone, Attack, Q, and Level knobs for setting the filter’s sound. It also has a three-position switch for High, Band, and Low Pass filters.

The Carl Martin Ottawa is available now for $166.

Carl Martin Ottawa Pedal Features:

Optical Envelope Filter
Attack, Tone, Q, and Level Knobs
High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass Filter Switch
Power: 9V DC Power Supply

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