Mammoth WVH: Don’t Back Down

Wolfgang Van Halen’s long-awaited Mammoth WVH album is releasing in June. He just dropped a new video of one of the tracks, and it is impressive.

The multi-instrumentalist made the video fun too. I cracked up when he entered as the drummer.

We’re looking forward to this one.

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  1. MikeyM.

    LoL… holy sh1t that was terrible – Ha Ha Very impressive all around. He’s really good on everything; but I love his voice and the drumming is fantastic too. Great Job Mr. Wolfgang!

  2. Mark B

    sounds excellent ,

  3. Pete SI

    I like him better than his father

  4. Trey

    I came here expecting to be disappointed. I just can’t be a fan boy, but you know what? Fun video, good sounding song, he sings too. Color me impressed, I’ll be checking out the record when it comes out. Glad that he isn’t going for a VH sound and instead doing his own thing. Kind of reminds me of Royal Blood a bit.