Fuzzrocious Pedals Unveils the Li’l Fella Distortion Pedal

Fuzzrocious Pedals Li’l Fella Distortion PedalFuzzrocious is adding a new pedal to their lineup with a cute name and a monstrous sound. Li’l Fella is a compact and highly versatile overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedal that began as a new version of another of their models.

“Li’l Fella started as an update to our Demon OD/Distortion to do something different with an already awesomely useful pedal,” they write. “This pedal can do what your other drives and distortions can do AND WAY MORE.”

The new pedal is the first Fuzzrocious unit to run off 9 to 18-volt supplies, with the company saying 18-volts offers more stability and headroom for a massive sound. Li’l Fella has an expanded, yet tighter EQ over the Demon. Other features include a sculptable gain/drive structure and a toggled gated mode.

The Fuzzrocious Pedals Li’l Fella is available for purchase now for $160.

Fuzzrocious Pedals Li’l Fella Distortion Pedal Features:

Runs at 9-18V DC output center negative power. 18V offers more stability and headroom making for a MASSIVE sound
Expanded, yet tighter EQ
Sculptable gain/drive structuring yielding much lower and higher gain/drive
Toggled gated mode, perfect for clean, silent stops/chugs – opens the pedal into fuzz territory
Small form factor (125b enclosure) with top-mounted jacks
“Churchable” art for those who aren’t interested in darker imagery

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