Fuzzrocious Pedals Introduces the Tyrannochorus Chorus and Gated Fuzz Pedal

Fuzzrocious Tyrannochorus Chorus and Gated Fuzz PedalFuzzrocious pedals is diving deeper into the world of modulation circuits by introducing the Tyrannochorus. Heralded for their distortion and fuzz boxes, the company says a normal chorus would be boring, so they made it more “Fuzzrocious.”

“We’ve squeezed so much into a small 1590BB enclosure to save users space on their pedalboards and maximizing the features one needs to sound unique and unlike any other chorus in the pedal world!” they write. “A gated fuzz sits INSIDE the wet loop of a lush, deep chorus yielding a chewy, sputtery feel and leaving your cleans clean. As your signal sustains, then fades, the gated fuzz clamps down and spits it out.”

The control layout includes knobs for fuzz volume, chorus tone, chorus rate, and chorus feedback. Even more wild sounds are had with the momentary footswitch situated at the top of the pedal. Holding it down will send the chorus rate into “fluttery, spinny, choppy waves.”

Hear the Tyrannochorus on bass in the company’s demo video:

The Fuzzrocious Pedals Tyrannochorus is available now for $189.

Fuzzrocious Pedals Tyrannochorus Pedal Features:

Gated Fuzz
Momentary Footswitch
Wide Tone Sweep
Trimpots for Depth Control and Fuzz
Top-mounted Power and Audio Jacks
9V DC output center negative power

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