Boss Announces TU-05 Clip-On Tuner

Boss TU-05 Clip-On Tuner

Boss has added a new model to their line of clip-on tuners with the TU-05. Designed for guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments, the tuner has a built-in rechargeable battery that offers 10 hours of continuous use.

“The TU-05 features a large color display with super-high contrast, offering easy visibility for quick tuning in any environment,” Boss shares. “A rugged clip provides secure mounting on an instrument’s headstock, and the display can be swiveled for optimum viewing.”

It has four tuning modes – chromatic, guitar, bass, and ukulele – that can be calibrated from 431 to 449 Hz. For down-tuners, the TU-05 can flat tune over a range of three semitones.

Boss ships the TU-05 with a cable for charging its battery via a standard USB power adapter. It is available now for $22.99.

Boss TU-05 Clip-On Tuner Features:

Tuning Range:A0 (27.5 Hz)--C8 (4,186.0 Hz)
Reference Pitch:A4 (431--449 Hz)
Tuning Accuracy:+/- 1 cent
Tuning Mode:Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele
Flat Tuning:3 Semitones
Controls:Power/Select Button, Mode/Value Button
Display:Backlit Color LCD
Power Supply:Lithium Polymer Battery
Expected Battery Life:10 hours (continuous use)
Auto Off Function:Approx. 5 minutes

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