Kansas – “Leftoverture”: The Complete Basslines, Part 5

Dave Hope: "Opus Insert" Bass Transcription

Tim Fletcher and Troy Hughes’ epic project “Kansas: Leftoverture – The Complete Basslines” has reached its fifth chapter, featuring Dave Hope’s work on “Opus Insert”.

Although “Opus Insert” has an interesting structure that features some quite abrupt changes of style (including an almost Bolero-like march section in the middle), there’s a good balance of complexity and catchiness. The keyboards are the dominant texture in the song, with less emphasis on the guitars, and the vocal melodies are also perhaps more memorable than on some of the other tracks on the album.

However, Dave Hope’s playing is strong as usual, but the bass lines are perhaps less technically demanding, with an emphasis on the use of roots, fifths, and octaves, and less melodic content. The bass line is generally simple from a rhythmic standpoint, although there is some pleasing use of syncopation in places.

This chapter carries on from the first four installments and includes an in-depth analysis, a full transcription (with tab), playing hints and tips, and a video playthrough. If you wish to, you can gradually build up a collection of the chapters to complete the album.

Download Chapter Five and the transcription, then follow along with video:

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