Rebecca Johnson Band: Live Compilation

Rebecca Johnson shared this video with some exciting news:

“First gig of 2021 last Sunday. Fun to play live again after far too long.”

Armed with her Dean Edge Select bass, she and her band lay down the funk.

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  1. Vinny

    This woman is thunderous!! Rebecca plays like a freight train comin down the hill that lost it’s driver. Lol. And Han is in the back pushing it even faster. ?

  2. John Bradford

    Love the sound of her new bass

  3. John Pillow

    Wow! What a great player and singer! One question, though: if there were a live soccer game playing in the room, would the venue still have a music video playing overhead?!

    • Neil Macpherson

      One of the venues I play at has overhead TVs playing cowboy movies. ?

  4. MARK B

    COOL !!!