Nux Unveils the Mighty Bass 50BT Amp

Nux Might Bass 50BT AmpNux has unveiled the Mighty Bass 50BT, a bass amp they say is perfect for practice, rehearsing, and recording. The 50-watt combo features a 6.5-inch speaker and a Class-D power section. Light and portable, the amp’s other secret weapon is its modeling.

“NUX’s iconic TSAC modeling technology brings you various nice sounding amp models and all the essential effects with great playability & response. Impulse Response technology offers you more Cab sounding, that’s really a Mighty Bass Amp.”

The Mighty Bass 50BT also has built-in drums and a 60-second phrase looper. Nux has a free app for controlling the amp’s presets. Finally, it includes a USB port for recording, editing software, and firmware updates.

The Nux Mighty Bass 50BT is available now for $349.

Nux Might Bass 50BT Amp Features:

50 watts compact modeling bass amp with 6.5″ loud speaker
Gate, EFX, Amp Model, IR, Modulation, Reverb
Drum & Loop (60s phrase loop)
Bluetooth Audio Stream
Free APP controller for preset access, management and editing
USB recording interface, firmware update, edit software

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  1. MikeyM.

    Obviously the guy can play Bass; but why demo a new ‘BASS’ amp and play only the upper register strings? Looks like a cool li’l amp though.

  2. DGSteig

    I wish we were hearing the speaker, notable no mic in the picture.


    When and where is this available?