Meatshell Returns with “Since Subito”

Meatshell: Since SubitoMeatshell is an experimental folk-jazz duo made up of bassist/vocalist Helen Svoboda and tenor saxophonist Andrew Saragossi. The group has just released their second album, entitled Since Subito, which culminates the Australian duo’s time in Europe from 2018-2020.

“We felt as though we were joining a rich tradition of experimental music during our studies in Europe,” says Andrew. “Helen and I both explored the physical and conceptual limitations of our instruments, challenging their traditional roles in the music.”

Since Subito finds Svoboda and Saragossi diving into a “quirky and abstract songwriting style” that teeters between beautiful melodies and desperate cries, deep grooves, and chaos.

Check out the duo version of “Growing (out of nothing)”, which also appeared on Svoboda’s solo album Vegetable Bass.

Since Subito is avaialble now via Bandcamp.

Since Subito Track List:

  1. Face
  2. RJD
  3. Growing (out of nothing)
  4. Concerned Greta
  5. Lost
  6. Refuge
  7. Stones

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