TC Electronic Launches the Zeus Drive Pedal

TC Electronic Zeus Drive Pedal

TC Electronic has unveiled the Zeus Drive, an overdrive boost circuit in the style of the classic Klon pedal. The compact pedal is described as having a luxurious warm tone and an astonishing dynamic response.

“Zeus Drive’s dual concentric gain control progressively blends overdrive into your clean signal whilst simultaneously increasing clipping for a crystal clear, amp-like touch and response,” the company writes.

Other features include a Treble control that doesn’t thin the lows and a FAT switch to increase bass. The Zeus is all-analog and centers around a pair of 1N34A Germanium diodes. TC also includes an internal DIP switch for toggling between true bypass or a discreet buffered bypass.

Although the demo is on guitar, you can get the full scoop in TC Electronic’s product video:

The TC Electronic Zeus Drive is available now for $59.

TC Electronic Zeus Drive Pedal Features:

Dual Concentric Gain Control Blends Overdrive into Clean Signal
Treble Control
FAT Mods Switch
9V DC Power Internally Stepped Up
Germanium Diodes
DIP Switch for True Bypass/Buffered Bypass

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