TC Electronic Introduces the Impulse IR Loader Pedal

TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader PedalTC Electronic has expanded its line of compact pedals with a brand new direction. The Impulse is their first IR Loader, which is a device that lets you use cab simulators and impulse response files to model your signal’s output after certain sounds.

“IMPULSE IR LOADER holds up to 99 IR files and loading them couldn’t be easier,” they write. “Simply drag and drop your favorite IR onto the pedal and let IMPULSE do the rest. You’ll get 25 IR pre-loaded right out of the box including 12 official Celestion Cab Sim, 8 unique Pedal Platform for stacking your pedals, and 5 acoustic guitar IR.”

You can load all of your impulse response files via USB or use the dedicated IR organizer for PC and MAC. It’s guitar-heavy, but you can see the pedal in action with the product launch video. (Jamie McCredie points out the bass on this track was also recorded using the Impulse.)

The TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader is available now for $129.

TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader Pedal Features:

Cab Sim and IR Loader
25 Built-in Impulse Responses
12 Official Celestion Cab Models
99 IR Slots
A/B Mode
Support for IR up to 200ms

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  1. Mikey M.

    Ha, that was one of the more ear entertaining pedal demos ever!!