Nick Cageao Leaves Mutoid Man

Nick Cageao

Nick Cageao has announced he is no longer in Mutoid Man. The bassist, who is featured on both of their full-length studio albums, shared the news in an Instagram Story.

“Hey! I’m no longer in Mutoid Man,” he wrote. “Nothing but love for the camp and family I’ve made there. I needed [some] big changes in my life to get healthy and focused and this is how it manifested itself. I’ll probably still put out music that now none of you will care about.”

Cageao made the announcement as the band revealed they are working on a new album. The group currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky, drummer Ben Koller, and a “secret new bass player,” according to Sargent House Records.

“We will of course miss Nick but just wait until you hear who is stepping in,” they wrote. “Stay tuned, ROCK LIVES.”

In the meantime, Cageao will be releasing new solo music on his Bandcamp page.

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