Almog Sharvit Releases Solo Debut, “Get Up Or Cry”

Almog Sharvit: Get Up Or CryComposer and bassist Almog Sharvit has marked his debut as a leader with Get Up Or Cry, an album that defies genres with shades of jazz, electronica, rock, bluegrass, and even 20th-century classical music. Taking from each style helps to draw out different emotions, he explains.

“I intended to create an album that you can turn to when you feel joy and sorrow at the same time,” says Sharvit. “I wanted to make an album that is beautiful in an odd way, a space where humor interacts with moving, complex, and crazy songs. They express how we all feel sometimes – overwhelmed with information, short on focus, caffeinated as hell, but at the same time having moments of joy, intimacy, sadness, and freedom.”

While the basic tracks were cut in a single day at Brooklyn’s Wonderpark Studios, Sharvit experimented with pop and electronic music post-production to add more dimension to the music. The songs include filter sweeps, heavy distortion, compression, and creative automation that he says will “knock the dust off your stereo.”

Check out the frenetic and dance-able “Roller Disco”:

Get Up Or Cry is available now on CD and as a digital download (Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon MP3).

Get Up Or Cry Track List:

  1. Dear Hunter
  2. Roller Disco
  3. Mx Bean
  4. We’ll Get Back To You
  5. Get Up Or Cry (feat. Ambrose Getz)
  6. Open Wound

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  1. Greywoulf

    Loved the video..! The music? -Meh; -just a noisy thumping electronic mish-mash to me…