Orlando le Fleming Launches “Rhythm Changes” Course

Orlando le Fleming: Walking Bass on Rhythm ChangesJazz bassist and educator Orlando le Fleming has been releasing books on time and technique for the past few years. Now, he’s teaching how to expand on one of the most prevalent chord progressions in jazz: Rhythm Changes.

Walking Bass on Rhythm Changes is a comprehensive video course to help bass players improvise melodic and imaginative bass lines through the 32-bar form. Le Fleming says it will help you be more creative while staying true to the changes.

“This course consists of 15 intensive video lessons (with accompanying PDFs) designed to take you through my process step-by-step,” he writes. “Within each lesson, there are various steps which give you a chance to digest everything clearly and slowly. There is also a transcription assignment, recommended playlist and at the end of the course you will have the option to send in audio/video of your playing for me to critique.”

Le Fleming notes that the course is designed for intermediate and advanced players, not beginners. Also, members of his In The Shed program receive discounts, so he suggests you join that first.

The Walking Bass on Rhythm Changes course is available now through le Fleming’s website for $70.

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  1. Great player, great teacher!