Nate Sabat Releases “Dirt Simple Upright Bass” Instructional Book

Dirt Simple Upright BassMile Twelve bassist Nate Sabat has published a new book for beginners called Dirt Simple Upright Bass. The 45-page book, which is geared towards bluegrass players, is split into two parts.

The first half focuses on the mechanics of the instrument and bass playing essentials. Sabat also explains his bass line creation process using the bluegrass standard “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad.”

“The second half focuses on bass playing within the specific context of complementing bluegrass vocals,” Mel Bay writes. “Well beyond what you might expect from an introductory method, Nate tastefully guides the reader by presenting multiple composed bassline options for each of five well-known bluegrass songs: ‘Rabbit in the Log’, ‘Don’t This Road Look Rough and Rocky?’, ‘Long Journey Home’, ‘I Am a Pilgrim’, and ‘Angel Band’.”

Dirt Simple Upright Bass is available now through Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

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