Fieldy to Sit Out Upcoming Korn Tour


Korn is heading out on a summer tour starting July 16th, but Fieldy has announced he won’t be joining them. In a statement on Facebook, the bassist stated he’s taking time to heal.

“The past 6 years I’ve been dealing with some personal issues that at times have caused me to fall back on some of my bad habits and has caused some tension with the people around me. It’s been suggested to me to take some time off to heal. I’m going to respect what was asked of me and take that time. Unfortunately, you will not see me on stage with my band,” he wrote. “I will be working towards getting the bad habits out of my system. In the meantime, I will be staying creative to keep my mind & soul in a good place. I’m thankful for all of your support, patience & understanding as we all have something that we deal with. Jonathan, Munky, Ray, and Head, I love you and I don’t want to bring any tension or bad vibes to the circle.”

This is the second time Fieldy has been forced to sit out on a tour. In 2017, Tye Trujillo filled in for a South American tour when he couldn’t appear due to unforeseen circumstances. A touring bassist has not been named by the band.

We’re wishing all the best to Fieldy.

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  1. Charles bolin

    he is no different than the rest if the world…just goes to show you no matter what no one is perfect ..every one in this world has issues…if this world rendered how to help their fellow man it would be a better place..
    stay strong brother
    love you a
    we will see you soon

    God bless you

  2. Donald Rael

    Addiction is a cruel, evil, and wants you to become a person that wants and thinks he/ she is in control everything you love and desire . When in reality you can’t even take care of yourselves.
    Good for you FEILDLY. I’m pulling for you man.
    Fan for life.


  3. Joey Carleo

    Keep ya head up brother I’ve been fighting the evil and bad habits for the past 26 years and I finally have the strength to say I have 14 months clean..I know you know the other side of life when the bad habits give way to good habits and life is just a little bit easier..I always wondered(and thank God that I wasn’t) if I were a rock star where would I be at this point in my life, and I know..DEAD!!! So please brother you are an inspiration, not only to me but millions and you can get control of this, you are strong enough, just remember “Nothing changes if Nothing changes”..So stay strong I know you can brother..

  4. Stan

    To Fieldy, I hope your in good spirits on what you wanted to do to help yourself. Bad issues in life might make mean at times. Or they can make you down in spirit. It cool to take time off from touring all the time, it clears your mind instead rocking out on stage. Will miss you take care, when you decide to come back you’ll be better then ever. Sincerely from a kron listener since you guys start your group to present you’ll all rock . Bless all group kron and everyone that listen too.