MonoNeon: Invisible

MonoNeon has released a new “director’s cut” video of his song, “Invisible”, which is on his latest, Supermane.

Among the many things he does on the track, he lays down the groove on a 2-string bass!

When asked about his vocals, especially on this track, MonoNeon shared this in our recent interview:

“Honestly, I don’t like my singing, but I sing anyway. I sound like my grandma sometimes when I sing, I guess that comes from being around her as a kid in the Baptist church and the blues she would sing around the house. I never practiced on my vocals, never did vocal exercises. I started writing songs and recording myself. Hopefully, my singing will get better – I just have to keep doing it. One thing I do need to work on is playing and singing at the same time, but that’s kinda hard for me… but I’ll get it eventually.”

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  1. MikeyM.

    Shoot mane… this is GREAT! As usual, the bass, the other instruments, and the vocals… Mr. MonoNeon has nailed it!

  2. Joseph Peters

    Invisible is a HIT !!!