Scale the Summit Releases “Subjects”

Scale the Summit: SubjectsScale the Summit has returned with their seventh studio album, entitled Subjects. The instrumental trio of Chris Letchford, Kilian Duarte, and Charlie Engen took a different approach for the record by inviting guest vocalists on each track. Subjects features Ross Jennings (HAKEN), Courtney Laplante (Spiritbox), Eric Emery (Skyharbor), Mike Semesky (Raunchy), Joesph Secchiaroli (The Reign Of Kindo), Eli Cutting, Garrett Garfield, and Renny Carroll.

While the addition of vocals is new for the band, bassist Duarte also says it’s a new step for him, as well. He joined the band in 2016 and was on their last album, In a World of Fear, but he opened up on his Instagram page on the “cathartic and joyful” release of Subjects.

“This record I consider my real debut with Scale the Summit as I got to really write my parts from the ground up and put my voice fully on it,” he wrote. “The time and dedication everyone in the band, as well as all the guest musicians put into this record was just next level on every front. Being a part of this important chapter in the band’s history means a lot to me and I feel like this is the strongest STS release yet. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered and has loved the new direction as well as all my friends and loved ones.”

Check out the video for “Space Cadet” featuring vocalist Eli Cutting:

Subjects is available now as a digital download through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Bandcamp. An instrumental version of the album is also out now.

Subjects Track List:

  1. Form & Finite feat. Mike Semesky
  2. Don’t Mind Me feat. Garrett Garfield
  3. Daggers & Cloak feat. Ross Jennings
  4. Dissemble feat. Eric Emery
  5. Jackhammer Ballet feat. Joey Secchiaroli
  6. The Land Of Nod feat. Courtney LaPlante
  7. A New Way feat. Renny Carroll
  8. Space Cadet feat. Eli Cutting

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