Eastwood Announces the Valco KGB Fuzz Pedal

Eastwood Valco KGB Fuzz PedalEastwood has added to their Valco line of pedals with the KGB Fuzz, which they describe as a multi-function tone-sculpting fuzz machine. It gets its name from being designed to work with Keyboards, Guitar, or Bass. Part of that flexibility comes from its variable input impedance.

“The Variable Input Impedance works best with passive instruments (guitar/bass) and allows tone-sculpting with or without the fuzz circuit engaged,” they write. “Lower settings yield softer dynamics/transients with a notable ‘rounded/vintage’ feel and tone. Higher settings give a sharper high-frequency response with a more direct/aggressive transient feel and more perceived gain. This makes for a great ’shaping’ control, where you can tune the pedal for its best response to the pickups you are using and how you want them to react/feel.”

Additionally, the pedal has a multi-mode silicon fuzz that covers “two knob”, “ToneBender”, “Muff,” and “Velcro” fuzz styles. A fader lets you blend your fuzz and dry mix to your liking.

Get a super detailed analysis of the pedal in this clip from the SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show, which demos the KGB on bass around the 26-minute mark.

The Valco KGB Fuzz will be available soon for $299.

Valco KGB Fuzz Pedal Features:

Variable Input Impedance Selection
Multi-mode Silicon Fuzz, covering ’Two Knob’, ‘ToneBender’, ‘Muff’ and ‘Velcro’ fuzz styles
Blend fuzz/dry mix fader
Line/Instrument Switch
Fuzz, Tone, Level Knobs
1/4″ Input
Dry Out (permanent ‘thru’ dry signal (pre-imp selector))
1/4’ Output.

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