Jon De Lucia Publishes “Bach Shapes II” for Bass

Jon De Lucia: Bach Shapes IIJon De Lucia has followed up his popular book Bach Shapes: Diatonic Sequences for Bass with a new offering called Bach Shapes II. The sequel features 144 pages of new studies for bass clef instruments including electric and double bass.

“Four years in the making, ‘Bach Shapes II’ takes the concept of using Bach’s melodic shapes for instrumental practice to a new level,” the author writes. “I’ve included much more in the direction of jazz improvisation, so you can learn how to apply the shapes to standard progressions. Transcription examples from great jazz players like Paul Desmond, Charlie Parker, and Cannonball Adderley help illustrate the connections between Bach’s music and jazz. On top of that, there is still plenty to work with on a technical level, including articulation work, tricky intervals, and more.”

Bach Shapes II includes 50 pages of diatonic sequences with analysis and scale variations. Aside from the transcription examples, De Lucia has a chapter on minor and diminished shapes as well as 20 pages on the circle of fifths progression and applying it to jazz standards.

Bach Shapes II is available now in PDF or in paperback through AmaAmazonzon and De Lucia’s website.

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