Bach Shapes: The Etudes for Bass Now Available

Bach Shapes: The EtudesAfter releasing Bach Shapes for bass in January, Jon De Lucia has introduced a new book to put those shapes into to practice. Bach Shapes: The Etudes utilizes pieces of Johan Sebastian Bach’s melodic material in a jazz context over standard chord changes. The author has once again included a version written in bass clef.

“These etudes allow you to see how you can apply the basic material from the Bach Shapes books into workable jazz vocabulary,” De Lucia says. “To help understand this I have included seven pages of analysis that explain where each shape comes from. Used in tandem with ‘Bach Shapes’ and the upcoming ‘Bach Shapes II’, you will have a complete system of understanding how Bach’s music can influence your jazz playing for the better!”

The bass edition is written in the range for both electric bass and double bass. It’s available now on Kindle or as a download from the author’s website, which includes backing tracks.

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